3 superstars the Dodgers can conceivably trade for this offseason

This team has needs across the diamond.
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The Dodgers can conceivably trade for Nolan Arenado

The Nolan Arenado speculation once again amped up during the 2023 trade deadline, as the St. Louis Cardinals were in the middle of a disappointing season while the Dodgers needed a right-handed bat. Los Angeles ultimately went bargain shopping and Arenado stayed in St. Louis to finish the season.

That does not mean that a trade is completely dead for Arenado, however. If the Los Angeles native wants to play for a more competitive team, then the Dodgers are going to be on his shortlist. That is important to note, as Arenado has a no-trade clause on his deal.

Logistically, this makes a lot of sense for the Dodgers next season as well. It is unclear whether or not J.D. Martinez is going to return, and Arenado would essentially serve as the Martinez replacement. He could provide Gold Glove defense for the Dodgers at third base, shifting Max Muncy back to being a full-time DH.

The Dodgers would replace Martinez's bat and get exponentially better in the field as a result. Arenado is the perfect type of three-hitter to put behind Freddie Freeman, and would make the Dodgers' lineup even more dangerous.

Arenado is definitely past his absolute prime and is coming off his worst offensive season since the 60-game 2020 campaign. But Martinez was also coming off of a down year, and the Dodgers were able to unlock him. Just imagine what the team could do with a younger player who has a much higher ceiling.

The price for Arenado would be similar to Burnes, if not more. The deal would have to start with Busch and Cartaya.