Cardinals beat writers crying over Dodgers-Nolan Arenado trade rumor is sad stuff

Oh, come on! There's no crying in baseball!

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

On Thursday, the Los Angeles Times reported the Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals discussed a trade centered around Nolan Arenado. Days prior, the Cards said they had no plans to trade their star third baseman. So what's going on?

Maybe the Cardinals were lying? Maybe they were willing to at least listen to see what was out there? Maybe the Dodgers were pounding the table with an offer the Cards couldn't refuse? Maybe they were ringing John Mozeliak's phone off the hook and he had no choice but to pick up before he went insane?

Whatever the case, Cardinals beat writers aren't happy about the information getting out there and decided to run a column about how ridiculous it is for the link between the Dodgers and Arenado to even exist.

Though Mozeliak has publicly said the Cardinals aren't going to trade Arenado, and Arenado's agent denied a report suggesting his client would only waive his no-trade clause for the Dodgers, that doesn't mean a trade is completely out of the question.

Have these people lived through a single trade deadline or chaotic offseason before? People say things, they turn out not to be true, and things that you never would've imagined could happen, happen. Read a book!

Cardinals beat writers not happy about Dodgers-Nolan Arenado link

How did the Rams relocating to LA make the Dodgers entitled? How does a children's book paint the proper metaphor about a baseball trade? St. Louis thinks there's a grand scheme being orchestrated by Los Angeles to tear down their city? We're not playing Risk here!

It just goes to show the fragility surrounding the Cardinals organization right now. All they have at the moment is Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt. There's little hope surrounding most of their young players after so many failed to take the next step in 2023. They're saddled with Willson Contreras' awful contract. They've yet to make a single trade to help improve their short- and long-term outlook.

Dodgers fans can understand. When one of the best teams in MLB is effortlessly cruising forward despite possessing one of the worst pitching staffs and is targeting one of your best players, it can certainly be infuriating.

"Left-coast media" and "media recruitment" are two terms that probably shouldn't come from writers/reporters doing the same job? From writers/reporters who have been in the business long enough to know that nothing's impossible?

Because if Arenado does end up in Dodger Blue, this whiny hit piece will be a historic trade deadline bit that resurfaces every year.