Dodgers all-time best starting lineup based on WAR

Duke Snider In A Batting Pose
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Right field: Dixie Walker, 33.1 fWAR

For reasons beyond me, right field has just been a historically weak position for the Dodgers in terms of all-time greats. Dixie Walker spent nine years on the club and is easily the best right fielder to wear the uniform, making five All-Star teams and finishing as high as second in the NL MVP voting in 1946.

Walker represents yet another low power, high contact, high speed player that the Dodgers have loved over the years. He hit double-digit home run totals twice in his 18-year career (one of them being with the Dodgers), but he was a triples machine who scored a ton of runs, drove in a ton of runs and got on base at an alarming rate. In 1945, he led the majors with 124 RBI after hitting just eight home runs, which says a lot about where his production came from and how efficient he was at manufacturing runs.

In his Dodgers career, Walker finished with 274 doubles, 56 triples, 67 home runs, 725 RBI, a .311 average and an OPS+ of 129. He walked 539 times and struck out 185 times, which, again, is absolutely absurd and is a tool rarely seen in today's game.

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