Dodgers alum Albert Pujols shows off surprising golf power at Chris Taylor's charity event

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No, it's not surprising that Tío Albert has power in his golf swing, considering the former Dodgers, Angels and Cardinals slugger finished his MLB career with a sterling 703 home runs (seems good). It's only surprising once you actually take a look at his swing and realize ... wait, where'd *that* come from?

What's less surprising than the potency of his drives is the fact that Albert Pujols, only a Los Angeles Dodger for one year, would continue supporting Chris Taylor after he'd departed to St. Louis and wrapped his career. A friend in need, right?

Taylor hosted a charity get-together at Top Golf this past week, bringing his "Driving for Hope" event from Virginia Beach to Los Angeles in its second consecutive successful incarnation.

Pujols, freshly retired and looking for an opportunity to support a lifelong friend while polishing up his new hobby, showed up somewhat unexpectedly to the rest of us.

The stance? Maybe isn't there yet. Pujols doesn't exactly clear the hips, and the spacing isn't great. The feet are about as close together as it gets. His elbow isn't moving in the right direction. And yet ... somehow ... boom.

Dodgers alum Albert Pujols supports Chris Taylor's Top Golf charity event

Some people just have more natural power than others. Albert Pujols is one of those people. Apologies if you're only just finding out now.

Pujols' single season with the Dodgers meant the world to him, and ideally he's at CT3's event again *next* year showing off what a year's worth of relentless dedication can do to a golf swing.

Taylor's Top Golf event featured, according to his site:

""An evening of golf, food, drinks with current and former Dodger players as well as notable celebrities, an auction filled with priceless memorabilia and a musical performances. All proceeds benefit the CT3 Foundation and local charities supporting children battling cancer and other life-altering conditions." "

Chris Taylor

Who knows? Maybe one of the auction items was a one-hour private lesson with a vaunted golf pro. We'll kick in a few bucks, Tío. Gotta harness that natural pop.

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