Dodgers fans better hope Bill Plaschke didn't just ruin World Series hopes

No, Bill! NOOOO!!!

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants
Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Dave Roberts already did this last year when he guaranteed the Los Angeles Dodgers would win the World Series. The LA Times already made themselves a laughingstock in 2022 when they demanded the 111-win Dodgers be given a World Series because of their regular season triumph.

Have we not learned, people?!

The LA Times is at it again, specifically Bill Plaschke, who already inserted himself into a contentious Mookie Betts-Ronald Acuña Jr. MVP debate by arguing all the incorrect points and putting Dodgers fans in a difficult spot.

This week, he's telling the fans to buy their championship gear now because he believes the 2023 Dodgers are winning the World Series. It's not that we disagree with his belief -- the bravado behind it is exactly what results in cosmic powers derailing a potentially special run.

The Dodgers actively worked to revamp the roster and reduce the mounting pressure the organization has been faced with dating back to 2017, leading every early playoff exit to result in outrage and crippling despair. To now have this in circulation will only undo all of the work Andrew Friedman and Co. did this offseason.

Dodgers World Series 2023: LA Times' Bill Plaschke guarantees victory

To say Dodgers fans are superstitious would be an understatement. How glad were they when Roberts swiftly navigated two separate questions at different points in the year about the team's World Series chances?

Everything was downplayed. The Dodgers rolled with the punches and ended up winning 100 games and the NL West when everyone had pencilled in the Padres as the division champs (and World Series favorites) before the season even began. LA has played this game before. They're trying to avoid being at the forefront of the conversation because it creates unrealistic expectations!

Why ruin a good situation with unprompted arrogance? The Dodgers have the most fortuitous division series matchup of any contender out there. That's no shade to the Arizona Diamondbacks, either. The Phillies, Rangers and Twins are all superior teams, though, both on paper and in the standings. Guaranteeing a title is a slight to every opponent out there. It gives everybody else a "reason" to compete that much harder.

It's nice that Plaschke is a Dodgers fan and wants what's best for his team, but someone who's been in media for so long should be aware of the energetic repercussions for an article published in one of the biggest newspapers in the country.