Dodgers fans catch strays, get roasted after Dominican Republic early WBC exit

World Baseball Classic Pool D: Puerto Rico v Dominican Republic
World Baseball Classic Pool D: Puerto Rico v Dominican Republic / Eric Espada/GettyImages

Wait, but this World Baseball Classic failure was supposed to be Dominican Republic star Juan Soto's burden to bear! Why can't Dodgers fans laugh at the Padres for just a minute or two before being roped back into the spotlight? This sucks!

On Wednesday, a scenario Dodgers fans know all too well played out on the international stage in Miami, as the heavily-favored Dominican Republic team in the World Baseball Classic ended up run over and flattened by Puerto Rico's pitching staff, officially eliminating them from the competition.

Prior to the tournament, most questions surrounding the team were about whether or not this was the most airtight roster ever assembled, and whether the Dominican Republic group could, in fact, be the most dominant champion in tournament history. The lineup was absurd. The infield was overflowing, with Dodgers target Willy Adames firmly glued to the bench. And that rotation! And that bullpen! How could they lose?

They lost. They lost twice. And, just a few months after the 111-win Dodgers flamed out and went silent in the NLDS (and four years after the 2019 Nats got 'em), the Joke Cannons were still firmly aimed in LA's direction.

Dodgers fans get roasted for Dominican Republic's World Baseball Classic exit

Still waiting for the LA Times column about how the World Baseball Classic isn't a fair measure of a team's worth, and the Dominican Republic squad should still get a "Best Team" award, even if they're not the champions.

Unfortunately, Dodgers fans were resigned to the discourse. They're all too ready for this.

At least -- at least -- the Dominican Republic roster was fronted mostly by Dodgers enemies, with Soto and Manny Machado leading the way.

So far, that hasn't gotten LA off the hook, though.

It's only fair that, the next time we have this tournament, MLB just tosses the Dodgers into somebody's pool instead of a bottom-tier qualifier like the Czech Republic. That'll get 'em out of these jokes once and for all!