Dodgers fans will get a kick out of Giants-Farhan Zaidi's comments about offseason

Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks
Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Once fearful of Farhan Zaidi leaving the Dodgers for the rival Giants and having it come back to haunt them, LA fans can't help poke fun every single time San Francisco drops the ball. What a turn of events. From failed transactions to puzzling quotes, the last year has been painful for those in the Bay Area but a joy for those in Southern California.

After an historic 107-win season in 2021, the Giants finished .500 in 2022 with a middling roster. All their outlier overachieving performances in 2021 came crashing back down to earth. Though it was fun to laugh at, there was still a worry about San Fran making big moves in the offseason due to their ability to spend and glaring roster needs.

But they whiffed on Aaron Judge. They watched Carlos Rodón follow him to New York. They had an agreement with Carlos Correa, but it fell through due to a medical dispute and he's now all but officially a New York Met as the two sides look to sort through the same issue.

The consolation prize? A bunch of second- and third-tier free agents to prop up an already bleak roster. They had a clear chance to lap the Dodgers, who haven't spent this offseason, and catch up with the Padres, who are probably the 2023 frontrunners in the NL West.

But they failed on almost every front, and the commentary that's resulted from all of the miscues is getting more and more sad.

The Dodgers can keep laughing at the Giants' failures

“One of the unfortunate aspects of the offseason is there’s been — and maybe this is inevitable given the players — a lot of attention paid to players that we wound up not signing rather than the players that we have signed,” Zaidi told Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle.

"It's always a little jarring when you open up your Twitter app just to see what's happening in the world and your name is trending, and that's generally not a good thing. At the end of the day I understand it comes with the territory. We have fans that really care, really are invested in this team and at the end of the day our job is to just put a compelling, fun team to watch on the field."

He sees what we're all saying on Twitter! And he's jarred by it! How on earth can you admit that to the media?! And how can you think anybody would pay more attention to the additions of Mitch Haniger, Michael Conforto, Taylor Rogers, Ross Stripling and Sean Manaea when you missed on Judge, Correa, Rodón, Trea Turner, and others that probably weren't as widely reported?!

Silly Dodgers fans who though LA would be having to do more damage control this offseason after clearing house of team legends, opting out of the top free agents, and having the Trevor Bauer situation hanging over the organization's head.

With a thin free agency class remaining and a trade market that's yet to materialize, the Giants are more than likely done in their roster overhaul endeavors this offseason since the options continue to dwindle. San Fran also has little trade capital due to their unimpressive farm system and dearth of major league talent.

So, we get it. The only option left is to sulk. Can't blame Zaidi, who's been through the wringer this offseason, but this continues to provide fuel for Dodgers fans, who shouldn't have had anything close to this in the first place.