Gavin Lux's Shohei Ohtani tweet could take ironic turn if Brewers rumors resurface

Gavin Lux's excitement after Ohtani's deal may be short-lived.
Oct 11, 2022; Los Angeles, California, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Gavin Lux (9) bats
Oct 11, 2022; Los Angeles, California, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Gavin Lux (9) bats / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The baseball world was taken by storm on Saturday when Shohei Ohtani announced that he was going to join the Dodgers for 2024 and beyond on a colossal 10 year, $700 million deal. The sheer size of the deal, as well as all of the drama that came during his free agency, was the talk of the entire league.

That includes the discourse among several Dodgers players, who are obviously quite excited to add the baseball unicorn that is Shohei.

One particularly hilarious example for this is Gavin Lux. Lux was extremely quick to react to Shohei's signing and he was understandably stoked at the news once he woke up from his nap.

Sadly for Lux, his excitement could end up being short-lived if the offseason rumor mill surrounding the Dodgers' possible plans end up being true.

Gavin Lux's Ohtani excitement could end up being short-lived if he gets traded to the Brewers

While LA's pursuit of Ohtani was as predictable as the sunrise, this is still a team that needs to figure out what the hell they are going to do about this rotation. Clayton Kershaw is hurt and a free agent, Julio Urías is a free agent and facing serious legal issues, and the rest of the staff is a whole bunch of question marks due to other injuries or youth. One move that has been floated this offseason to help resolve that is a potential trade with the Brewers ($) that would bring ace Corbin Burnes as well as shortstop Willy Adames to LA.

For those keeping score at home, adding Adames would very suddenly leave Lux without a spot in the lineup, and MLB insider Ken Rosenthal suggested that Lux could be included in such a deal to land Burnes and Adames. That would give the Dodgers' rotation a big boost next season and upgrade their infield defense.

However, that would also mean that Lux would go from one of the most aggressive contenders in the entire league with oodles of resources at their disposal and who just signed Ohtani to Milwaukee, who tends to field a pretty good team that consists of high end homegrown talent and cheap roster filler types and who, in this scenario, just lost their two best pitchers in Burnes and Brandon Woodruff.

Life comes at you fast, Gavin. Here's hoping you are happy however this offseason shakes out the rest of the way.

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