Dodgers' dominance forces Giants reliever Taylor Rogers into dugout meltdown

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants
Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

On Wednesday against the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants reliever Taylor Rogers took one look at his glove and appraised it as trash.

Maybe he should've done a Parent Trap-style swap with his twin brother Tyler once it was apparent he didn't have his best stuff?

The Dodgers took the rubber game of their three-game set in San Francisco this week, blasting off behind Clayton Kershaw to shake off an early 3-0 deficit and win it 10-5. Rogers played a large part in that momentum shift, walking the first four batters of the sixth inning before being removed; John Brebbia entered, and a five-run inning was born.

Rogers earned four of those runs, and his glove earned a trip to the garbage, as part of an early-season leader in the clubhouse for Best Dugout Meltdown.

Dodgers send Giants reliever Taylor Rogers into meltdown mode

Next time, if Rogers wants to avoid something like this, he should try pitching better. That always works for me.

The Dodgers eventually ran away and hid in a game where it seemed like they were stuck in the mud again in the early innings. Coincidentally, running away and hiding is probably the choice Rogers wishes he'd made somewhere between lifting his glove and hucking it into the trash.

Also ... when are pitchers going to learn that punching the bench never works? Even if it's your off hand? When you punch the bench, your "hand injury probability" goes up from "zero" to "close to infinity". The risk is never worth the reward (HINT: The reward is nothing).

Thanks to the balanced schedule, the Dodgers and Giants won't link up again until June 16 at Dodger Stadium, and won't play again in the Bay Area until Sept. 29! Come on. That's insane. Hopefully, by then, Rogers' hand is healed and he's brushed the banana peels and coffee grounds off what we assume is his only glove.