Dodgers organist ruthlessly trolls visiting A's over Las Vegas move

People keep going after A's fans, huh?
Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Dodgers
Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Dodgers / Michael Owens/GettyImages

MLB's preeminent bullies, the Houston Astros, got destroyed in May for outwardly mocking the Oakland A's dwindling attendance numbers with a celebratory tweet.

Feeling themselves (as always), the big, bad Astros tweeted a video of Yordan Álvarez putting the cherry on top of a sweep with a moonshot and captioned it, "10 runs in front of tens of fans." First of all, so, so, so funny. It's always great to attack boycotting fans who rightfully feel as if MLB has left them behind rather than the greedy ownership group that facilitated the current disaster.

That's what probably makes Wednesday night's troll by Dodgers organist Dieter Ruehle a little more palatable. He didn't play the "You Have No Fans Boogie" to get under the A's skin. He just furthered the centuries-long tradition of getting under the road team's skin, in any way possible.

In this instance, Ruehle chose "Viva Las Vegas" to greet the A's as they took the field for the bottom of the fourth inning during another blowout Dodgers win. Las Vegas, of course, is where these A's will end up playing their home games, if their ownership group and the local government can ever decide on a stadium site.

So. Fair or foul?

Dodgers organist had no chill for visiting A's fans Wednesday night

Like a well-placed Kiké Hernández double, this was completely fair. It was also quite savage.

The A's players don't dictate their future home. It's pure greed that has led to Rob Manfred, John Fisher and Co. facilitating a move to the desert and leaving their current fans behind. We doubt there were many Oakland fans on the road in LA on Wednesday night because ... well, they're mostly staying away these days on purpose.

If the Vegas move does come to fruition, that'll make the A's and Dodgers natural rivals on the same technicality the Angels currently embrace. Vegas home games could become a real spectacle, rendering 2023 sticking points like not-so-subtle organ music a non-story. Just don't go after the fans. Glad the Dodgers learned the lesson the Astros never will (they are physically incapable of learning, it "hurts their heads").