3 Dodgers prospects that will eventually steal a roster spot in 2023

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3. Jonny DeLuca

Jonny DeLuca is not a big-name prospect, which can result in him getting lost in the shuffle in the Dodgers organization. There is so much talent throughout the farm system and DeLuca would undoubtedly rank higher in most other organizations.

The Dodgers like DeLuca enough to protect him in the Rule 5 Draft, adding him to the 40-man roster last season. It is not hard to see why the Dodgers like DeLuca as he has hit well at every single minor league level thus far in his career.

The 2019 25th-round pick has slashed .263/.347/.513 with 48 home runs and 148 RBIs in 225 MiLB games across three seasons. He has made it as high as AA in the Dodgers system and thrived in his time there last year, posting a .965 OPS for Tulsa.

Los Angeles has seven outfielders on the Opening Day roster and several of those are bound to disappoint. Trayce Thompson is due for a hard regression while Jason Heyward and David Peralta are shots in the dark. Eventually, there will be a spot open for an outfielder.

Andy Pages ranks higher than DeLuca in terms of prospect status and is also on the 40-man but DeLuca has a better chance of getting a roster spot this year. DeLuca is turning 25 in July while Pages is only 22. The Dodgers would likely rather have Pages get consistent at-bats in the minors while DeLuca is easier to bring up as a bench bat.

DeLuca does not have nearly as high of a ceiling as Pages but fans should still expect to see him at some point in 2023.

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