Dodgers Rumors: MLB insider loosely connects Juan Soto to Los Angeles

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The Dodgers are known to be no great fans of super agent Scott Boras, so much so that they seem to actively avoid dealing with Boras and his most famous clients. But Boras had an unbelievably bad offseason, and five clients expected to rake in some very lucrative, long(ish)-term deals all had to settle for what were basically one-year deals. Jordan Montgomery, one of those five, dropped Boras in April because of the way his offseason shook out.

Boras is famously hard-headed, but could he have learned a lesson and be willing to change tacks next offseason? If so, would the Dodgers be willing to deal with him to net another one of the game's biggest stars?

Juan Soto will be a free agent after this season, unless the Yankees present him with a rare extension offer he and Boras can't refuse. The Dodgers don't like Boras, and they already spent over $1 billion on just Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto alone, but the outfield will need some work at the end of the season — might they entertain courting Soto?'s Mark Feinsand (very) loosely connected Soto to the Dodgers during the upcoming offseason, and while it might simply be based on how much money the Dodgers have, any connection is a good connection, right?

Dodgers rumors:'s Mark Feinsand already connecting LA to Juan Soto in free agency

Feinsand quoted an anonymous AL executive, who said “There are teams out there capable of winning that have money. The Dodgers are out there. The Mets are out there. There aren’t many, but there are places he can land.”

So, okay, that does sort of sound like, "Well, the Dodgers could be in the running for Soto, because they have a lot of money," and doesn't take into account that the Dodgers seem to avoid Boras unless it's for players like James Paxton, who Boras might not play hardball for in the same way he does for someone like Soto.

However, it's not untrue. The Dodgers do have a lot of money, and their outfield will need some help after this season. They're set to lose Teoscar Hernández, Jason Heyward, and Kiké Hernández after the season's over, and it's unlikely the Dodgers would load the outfield with James Outman, Miguel Vargas, and Andy Pages, who are all some combination of inconsistent and inexperienced.

Soto will cost a lot of money and the Dodgers have a lot of money, but the race for him will be tough and the Dodgers could (and perhaps should) just re-sign (Teoscar) Hernández. Still, the Dodgers do seem to like the cachet of stockpiling the game's best players as much as they like what those players can actually do for the team. In any case, the Dodgers should never be counted out when it comes to huge free agents.