Even the MLB TikTok account is roasting Dodgers’ Gavin Lux

Feb 22, 2024; Peoria, Arizona, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Gavin Lux against the San Diego
Feb 22, 2024; Peoria, Arizona, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Gavin Lux against the San Diego / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

You could practically hear the foundations of Goodyear Ballpark themselves groan along with the Dodgers fans in attendance at their game against the Guardians on Monday, when a routine popup plopped right in front of Gavin Lux and Chris Taylor. Without playing the blame game, we'll simply despair at the fact that it was very bad baseball, and everyone knew it. Dave Roberts was caught in the Dodgers dugout, shaking his head in exasperation.

This particular flub came on the heels of Lux moving to second base after some ugly errors and throws from short. Lux has historically been a better second baseman than shortstop, but such an egregious mistake being made so soon after moving him (and forcing Mookie Betts to play a position he's barely ever played before) is a pretty awful look.

The Gen Z'ers running MLB's TikTok account knew it, too. They posted a video of the popup with the phrase "communication is key" on top of it, along with the caption "kiss me under gavin lux and chris taylor’s routine popup so that i know it’s real." Honestly, that's so funny we can't even be mad about it. GG, MLB Tiktok account admins.

Gavin Lux, Chris Taylor's dropped popup is even catching heat from MLB's TikTok account

The Lux/Betts position switch has been met with near-universal distaste (subscription required). The general question seems to be, "Why do the Dodgers care so much about keeping Gavin Lux on the roster?" Despite how enthusiastic Betts has been about his move to shortstop and despite how excellent an athlete he is, what is the thinking behind moving him to a nearly brand new position with less than two weeks before the Dodgers have to play real games? They really like Lux that much?

Maybe this is all an overreaction, or maybe Lux will go to Seoul and get kickstarted by the reality of playing consequential games. Something needs to change, though — and soon — if the Dodgers are going to be able to keep fans from turning on Lux even more than they already have. It's never a good sign when the flaming makes its way all the way over to TikTok.