Former Dodgers top prospect (and classic nemesis) get revenge on LA in rough Cubs series

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs
Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Dodgers visited Chicago for a rainy, dreary series this weekend, and the weather reflected the mood in LA as the Dodgers dropped two to the Cubs. A fiery start from Yoshinobu Yamamoto in Game 2 was the bright spot, but otherwise the team was once again plagued by their inability to turn hits into runs. After Game 1, when they put up seven runs to the Cubs' nine, they only managed five over the next two games despite getting 13 hits down.

Old friends also came back to haunt them. Michael Busch, traded away from the Dodgers on arbitration deadline day back in January, is now an everyday player for the Cubs. It was heralded as a good move at the time; Busch wouldn't have gotten nearly as much play with the Dodgers, and LA got a couple of exciting prospects in Jackson Ferris and Zyhir Hope.

It still could be a good move in the long run, but Busch certainly gave the Dodgers reasons to regret the trade this weekend. He had three hits against them, including his first home run of the season in Game 1 and a bases-clearing double in Game 3 that gave the Cubs an early lead, which the Dodgers could never catch up with.

Michael Busch, Cody Bellinger make the Dodgers miss them in 2-1 Cubs series win

Another former Dodger joined Busch in the fun for Chicago — Cody Bellinger had three hits across the series and his second home run of the year in Game 3 to kick the Dodgers, who still had a fat goose egg on the board at the time, while they were down. It's not the first time Bellinger's done this, either. Last year, in his first season away from LA, he hit three home runs against them in seven games (and robbed a home run from Jason Heyward in his first visit back to Dodger Stadium).

Both Busch and Bellinger are better off in Chicago than they were in LA; Busch just probably wouldn't have cracked Triple-A very much this year if he'd stayed, and Bellinger was slumping hard enough in his last years with the Dodgers that they unceremoniously non-tendered their 2019 MVP. They did what they had to for their club, but it's a hard pill to swallow when their opponents are the Dodgers.