Giants' desperation reaches new heights with latest signing as Dodgers fans jeer

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The San Francisco Giants' shopping in the bargain bin continues, even after the 2023 season has already started. Man, really wouldn't want to be them right now. And some Dodgers fans were concerned about Los Angeles' downgrades this offseason?!

Remember, it could always get worse. One game into the season, the Giants have reportedly signed former New York Yankees catcher Gary Sánchez, whose career has fallen off a cliff since his heydey back from 2016-2019.

No disrespect to Sánchez, but he was passed up by the rest of MLB, so he clearly wasn't a even a serious option for teams in need of a catcher. The Giants, though? After losing out on Aaron Judge, Carlos Correa, Carlos Rodón and seemingly other high-profile free agents, they've been adding the lowest form of star power imaginable.

Sánchez is the icing on the cake. First, they signed Roberto Pérez less than a week ago. He got the Opening Day nod over former top prospect and heir to Buster Posey's throne, Joey Bart.

Then, president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi publicly called out Bart for his 2022 performance right before the Sánchez signing made the news. We wish we were making this up!

Dodgers News: Giants sign former Yankees catcher Gary Sánchez

This isn't exactly a ringing endorsement for Bart, which further calls into question the Giants' ability to draft and develop players in recent years. Already in his age-26 season, Bart hasn't shown SF much of anything and it's evident the front office is willing to put pressure on him to improve.

The Sánchez deal is of the minor-league variety, so it'll be some time before hitting the big-league roster is even a consideration, but the fact that the Giants are willing to further alienate one of their former top prospects (after just 133 staggered MLB games!) with not one, but TWO below-average players (on both sides of the ball) is quite entertaining for Dodgers fans.

No Aaron Judge? That's fine! We'll take Mitch Haniger and Michael Conforto for a similar total AAV. No Carlos Rodón? Bring on Sean Manaea and Ross Stripling! No Carlos Correa? Easy! We'll stick with Brandon Crawford and ... not try anything else. Dissatisfied with Bart? We won't give him a chance and bring in Pérez and Sánchez, both of whom will have a similar or worse effect.

Let's just say Zaidi's Dodgers days are well behind him.