Longest winning streak in LA Dodgers franchise history

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Yankees - Game One
World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Yankees - Game One / James Drake/GettyImages

By all estimations, the Dodgers will win a lot in 2024. They already have a history of it behind them; they've won 100 or more regular season games in five out of the last seven years, and even during the COVID-shortened season, they had a .712 win percentage, which would figure out to 113 wins in a normal 162-game season. In 2022, they set the franchise record for most regular season wins with 111. This year, with their track record, the amount of new additions they've made, and the quality of those additions, it would be more than fair to expect another 100+ win year.

But let's go back in time a little, to the Los Angeles Dodgers' longest winning streak in a single season. For all of the Dodgers' successes in the modern era, their most recent, longest streak is almost 60 years old. The 1965 Dodgers matched the record set by the 1962 Dodgers, with thirteen consecutive wins going into the W column in the last days of the 1965 season. Both were led by Sandy Koufax, who won his second Cy Young in 1965. They'd go on to win the World Series that year, their third after moving to LA.

Longest LA Dodgers winning streak: 13 games, May 21-June 1, 1962 & Sept. 16-30, 1965

The Dodgers are the eighth-oldest franchise in MLB, and accordingly have gone through many different iterations in two cities. Taking the team's entire history into account, the longest record is actually still held by the 1924 Brooklyn Robins, who won 15 games from Aug. 25 to Sept. 6. That season featured a staggering collective 619 innings pitched by starters Burleigh Grimes and Dazzy Vance. Ah, different times.

Also notable is a 14-game streak between the end of the 1954 and start of the 1955 seasons, when the team was the Brooklyn Dodgers. Those seasons were two of the great Jackie Robinson's last in MLB. He got his last All-Star appearance in 1954 and, finally, his World Series ring in 1955 before retiring after the '56 season.

However, after the move to Los Angeles in 1958, the 1962 Dodgers quickly set the LA record at 13, and the 1965 team matched it. The Dodgers have been through many golden eras, and it seems like they may be in the midst of one again. Watch out for these 2024 Dodgers to reclaim the LA winning streak; if anyone can do it, it's them.