Newest import Tyler Glasnow takes plunge, calls Dodgers 'super-team'

Wild Card Series - Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays - Game One
Wild Card Series - Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays - Game One / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

If nobody else wants to say it and put a target on the team's back, new Dodgers right-hander Tyler Glasnow is happy to break the ice. Yes, the 2024 Dodgers are a super team. The 2025 Dodgers probably will be, too. Ditto 2026.

Yes, even if they don't add any more big-league free agents or high-profile rotation members via trade before the 2024 season begins (and, spoiler alert ... they will).

Glasnow appeared on Foul Territory on Tuesday sporting what can only be described as "an LL Bean x Zubaz Slanket" to open up about his recent coast switch, the extension that came along with it, and the monstrously high expectations that now reside upon his shoulders.

Predictably, Glasnow -- a childhood Dodgers fan who helped facilitate every piece of this deal -- was ready to have them heaped upon him. He was even ready to wear the oft-sarcastically-used "Super-Team" moniker and use it to his advantage. Hey, if the deferrals fit, right?

Dodgers' Tyler Glasnow ready to be the ace of a super-team in 2024

First, he acknowledged that the Dodgers are like the Rays, but with money. Now, he admitted they're like the Rays if, instead of being good, they were almost impenetrable, with the resources necessary to boot.

Congratulations to Glasnow for not only taking the bait, but running with it/not backing down even when he was given an opportunity to explain his initial hesitation with slapping the title on the roster. "Did I hesitate?" Glasnow countered, before reiterating, "It's a super-team for sure. It's a lot of good people, from top to bottom anywhere." And, before the season opens, it certainly feels more like the '96 Bulls than the 2011 Eagles.

Add in a "stacked" minor-league system and superior depth, giving the Dodgers the chance to both weather any oncoming injury storms AND further supplement the roster, if need be, via the trade market, and you have every ingredient necessary to make 2024 a special season with a Hollywood ending.

Oh, yeah, and in 2025, that $700 million man will start pitching, too. Almost forgot.