NYC Mexican restaurant takes ridiculous shot at Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw

Division Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game One
Division Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game One / Harry How/GettyImages

In New York City, some restaurants like to get a little creative with their government-mandated first aid and public health posters. Informational postings about what to do when someone is choking, the reminder that all employees need to wash their hands before returning to work, smoking bans, and so on, can be spotted in often very aesthetically pleasing form across the five boroughs.

Most that deviate from the boilerplate, city-made poster are just a fun opportunity for art to be showcased in a unique and informative way, sprucing up spaces while also complying with the laws of the land and showing off the talents of a local artist on the way.

However, a Mexican restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called Super Burrito decided to use their informational poster about choking to dunk on the Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw, seen choking and needing to be resuscitated.

Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers roasted by informational poster in Brooklyn burrito joint

Ironically, the Brooklyn Dodgers used to play at Ebbets Field only four miles away from where Super Burrito currently sits. We can theorize that the proprietors are still angry about the move to LA, or maybe that their San Francisco Giants fandom goes all the way back to when the then-New York Giants played at the Polo Grounds a century ago, or that they're just huge fans of the Mets, who Kershaw has dominated throughout his career with a 2.03 ERA and 123 strikeouts over 17 appearances.

Padres, maybe? They seem to love lobbing shots at Kershaw, too. It doesn't typically work out for them.

Kershaw's postseason struggles are well-documented and a big sore spot for Dodgers fans, and Dodgers fans tend to be (understandably) sensitive to any Kershaw mockery, but this level of petty from baseball fans so far away from LA is, admittedly, a little funny. A quick Google search of "Clayton Kershaw choking poster" yields no identical results, so we could rationally assume that Super Burrito commissioned it specifically to dunk on Kershaw, which is objectively hilarious.

Despite his postseason issues, Kershaw is regularly compared to Sandy Koufax, has been called the greatest pitcher of his generation, and will probably be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Although it looks like his time with the Dodgers might be up, he'll undoubtedly go into Cooperstown as a Dodger. Dodgers fans should take this in stride and laugh along.