Universe is begging Brewers to trade Willy Adames to Dodgers after latest injury

Milwaukee Brewers v Cincinnati Reds
Milwaukee Brewers v Cincinnati Reds / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Wednesday night was a particularly busy one for Jeff Passan, who first broke the news that the White Sox were finally parting with Dylan Cease in a trade to the Dodgers' division rivals in San Diego, following months of speculation about entirely different fits. Three hours later, he dealt a blow to Brewers fans by reporting that closer Devin Williams would miss three months with stress fractures in his back.

The Brewers' offseason has been marked by a couple of highs and some very low lows; they lost Craig Counsell to the Cubs (low), signed Rhys Hoskins (high), then traded Corbin Burnes to the Orioles (low low). Losing Williams for the first half of the season is another gut punch that will very likely weaken their already tenuous grasp on the NL Central.

This development should have the Dodgers' front office absolutely salivating. One longtime dream acquisition (Burnes) is lost, but they still have a chance to grab Willy Adames, who could be the solution to oh so many of the Dodgers' current infield issues. The Brewers' outlook on the season looks worse seemingly every few weeks at this point. Why not just bite the bullet fully and let Adames go?

Dodgers should make another push for Willy Adames after Devin Williams injury sinks Brewers' season

Getting Adames has been a dream for the Dodgers for a long time, but it's never seemed as sweet as it does now, with the Gavin Lux/Mookie Betts mess in the middle infield. Lux was already eyed as a potential trade piece for Adames back when the rumors were at their peak; he's not done much to help the Dodgers' case for him as a serviceable Adames replacement, but perhaps Lux and a prospect or two would persuade them?

As long as Adames is still in Milwaukee, the Dodgers shouldn't give up on a trade for him, especially if the Lux/Betts situation continues to look as completely disheartening as it already has been. If Adames' 16 outs above average were enticing before, they should be literally irresistible now. And, if the Dodgers get even a whiff of the Brewers throwing the season or cracking the door on trade offers for Adames, they should be first in line.