Vandalized Vin Scully Dodgers mural gets restored, presents a chance for unity in LA

Vin Scully may no longer be with us, but his impact on the people of Los Angeles is still felt greatly.

Sportscaster Vin Scully Retires From Dodger Stadium
Sportscaster Vin Scully Retires From Dodger Stadium / Gary Leonard/GettyImages

Vin Scully's voice is synonymous with the Los Angeles Dodgers after the 67 years he spent as the team's primary broadcaster. During that time, Scully not only became one of the most beloved figures in Los Angeles but became one of the best broadcasters of all time.

Scully retired after the 2016 season and passed away in August of 2022 at 94 years old. The entire sports world mourned Scully's passing, with the city of Los Angeles especially honoring the late-great Dodgers broadcaster who helped raise fans from a young age.

To immortalize Scully, some very talented artists painted murals of the Dodgers legend around the city. One of those murals in the Melrose district was unfortunately vandalized earlier this year, with an unknown artist painting a tiki mask over Scully's face.

Thankfully, the mural has now been restored by its original artist, ZLA. The building owner reached out to Dodgers Way and provided photos of the restored mural in all of its glory.

Restored Vin Scully Dodgers mural presents an opportunity for unity in LA

The building owner wanted to do more than just restore the mural of Scully; he wanted to take the situation and handle it in a way that Scully himself would.

According to representatives that reached out to Dodgers Way, the building owner is inviting the street artist of the tiki mask to return and paint it alongside the restored Scully mural, just not on top of it. The building owner says that this could be an opportunity to bring people together and is what Scully would've wanted if he were still here.

Scully was more than just a broadcaster and he is more than just a Dodgers legend; he was a man of great humility, integrity and respect. This entire mural situation is a worthy reminder of that.