Dodgers Spring Training at Camelback, everything you need to know

Los Angeles Dodgers v Texas Rangers
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It's February, which means it's actually almost time for Dodger Baseball! The Los Angeles Dodgers have assembled a competitive team once again, minus Justin Turner and a $300 million shortstop, and their quest to win the regular season and postseason after the Padres won the offseason begins in earnest in just a few weeks.

The team will report to Camelback Ranch in Arizona, a facility they share with the Chicago White Sox as both teams look to get prepped for Opening Day on March 30.

If you're heading down to pay the team a visit, here's all you need to know about what's going on and the space it'll be taking place in.

When does Dodgers Spring Training begin at Camelback?

The first Dodgers game at Camelback Ranch will take place on Feb. 26 against the visiting Chicago Cubs. The first game of the spring in any capacity will be at Milwaukee's facility the day prior. 3.5 weeks! Not long at all.

When do pitchers and catchers report to Dodgers Spring Training?

Dodgers pitchers and catchers report to Camelback Ranch on ... Feb. 16! Remarkably soon. If you're planning a vacation, that'll likely be the earliest day you'll be able to watch the action and interact with the players.

Thanks to this year's World Baseball Classic, Clayton Kershaw and Julio Urías will be at camp beginning on Feb. 13, but it's unclear what access the public will have to those early workouts.

Dodgers Spring Training at Camelback Ranch: Key Details, Fun Facts

Camelback Ranch has been operational since the Dodgers moved away from Dodgertown in Florida after the 2008 camp. 2009 was the franchise's first season in Arizona, an overall dryer climate and more pleasant spot to watch a game. In remembrance of their decades in Florida, though, the Dodgers have a citrus grove lining their current spring home on the east side.

There are 12 practice fields on the new shared grounds, eight for minor-leaguers and four for the big-leaguers. If you're heading to camp early, make sure to get the most completed roster you can from one of the nearby merch stands; you don't want your eagle eyes to miss getting a peek at last year's first-round pick from afar. Two of those 12 practice fields are exact replicas of the dueling big-league ballparks, Dodger Stadium and Guaranteed Rate Field in ChiTown.

Oh, and get to those merch stands early! They'll be selling 2023 official Spring Training hats, which sell out quickly; they're collectors items. Take it from personal experience. By mid-March, everything could be gone.

But the game will remain! Ballpark Boulevard, previously a dead-end road surrounding the facility, has been extended to feed out into traffic leaving the ballpark, which you may approach from either the north or south. Happy watching, Dodgers fans! But don't fall in love with Arizona too hard, because we need you back north in April.

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